Vartan Aharonian

Vartan Aharonian



CrossFit Gymnastic

Opex Programming Principles

CrossFit L2

FMS Functional Movement System L1 (on going)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Coaching Dietary Strategies by Precision Nutrition
--Plan based diet
--Intermittent Fasting
--Macros-Based diet

Nutrition Coaching for Athletes by Precision Nutrition
--How to coach an athlete
--How to create personalized nutrition programs for athletes
--How to solve common nutrition challenges for athletes

Motivation & Passion

"If you think you can accomplish your fitness goals by putting in 1 hour a day at the gym, you better think twice. I see the best results when people consider the remaining 23 hours. That’s why I enjoy guiding members to develop a healthy lifestyle that involves sustainable nutrition practices, a peaceful mind, good sleep, and recovery."

Turning Point

About Coach

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